Grammar Guide #9: Your and You’re

Sometimes I feel like “you’re” may be one of the least-used contractions out there, but that’s not because people aren’t saying it or meaning it. It’s because they’re not using it correctly in type. The rampant use of “your” when people mean “you’re” makes me wonder if the latter may someday be lost from the English language, forcing us to rely only context to understand what the writer actually meant.

For those of you interested in using “you’re” correctly and preserving its rightful place in English, here are the correct meanings and usages of these frequently mixed up terms.

Your — a possessive adjective used to describe ownership of something


Your hair looks fabulous today.
I will meet you at your parents’ house.
Is that your dog?

You’re — a contraction of you are


You’re too late for the show.
Text me when you’re leaving the office.
I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday.

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